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Complete test

Complete Test

The most comprehensive, holistic view of your genomic health.

Number of Genes Tested:

447 Genes

Popular Report Features:

Health, Medication, and Lifestyle
Drug response test

Drug Response

A genetic test to understand your ability to metabolize certain medications and prevent major adverse reactions.

Number of Genes Tested:

80 Genes

Popular Report Features:

Pain Management, Blood Thinners
Health risks test

Health Risks

A genetic test to understand major health risks and guide interventions to mitigate or prevent them.

Number of Genes Tested:

343 Genes

Popular Report Features:

Heart Disease, Cancer, Infertility
Lifestyle wellness test

Lifestyle & Wellness

A genetic test to help guide your optimal lifestyle in terms of diet, nutrition, exercise, and sleep.

Number of Genes Tested:

49 Genes

Popular Report Features:

Diet, Nutrition, Exercise, Sleep

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PhosphorusONE - Complete $350
Saliva Kit FREE
Shipping & Handling $10
Provider Review $39
Total $399